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Help Shape our Festival
and IRL Events

What We’re About

"Culture has found new expression in web3 through art, entertainment, gaming and events" — ApeCoin DAO

IRL Events are magical. So...

  • Should we produce our own flagship festival held once a year?
  • Should we host several regional events, maybe every quarter?
  • Should ApeCoin be everywhere at Web3 events across the globe?

Let us know which way to go in 2023...

Choose Our Adventure


Annual Flagship

An NFT-centric festival that fuses culture, art, entertainment, and gaming, bringing together communities from across the Web3 spectrum. A mix of NFT.nyc during the day and Coachella at night. Co-created with top large-scale festival production companies and held once a year.

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An opportunity to involve more ApeCoin holders from all over the world. Held four times a year in multiple regions and co-created with local producers, talent, and Web3 brands. A mix of conferences and entertainment with a regional flair and authenticity.

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Well, not literally everywhere but showcasing ApeCoin at around 50 events per year through a mix of local meetups, booths at NFT trade shows, expo swag, and sponsoring great Web3 events. In addition to funding IRL events proposed by ApeCoin DAO members.

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